Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

We’ve done research on the following topics:

  • Alcohol and older adults (literature review)

Alcohol and Older People

  • Patterns of smoking, drinking, exercise and Body Mass Index (analysis of health survey data)

Shaping Up

  •  Alcohol messages on NZ radio (analyses of audio-recorded material)

Alcohol Message on NZ Radio

  •  A directory of alcohol-related publications and research (bibliography)

Alac Alcohol Research Directory

  •  Evaluation of a Bachelor of Nursing paper on alcohol and other drugs (written questionnaires, observation)
  •  Rural perceptions of drink-driving (interviews)
  •  Public perceptions of alcohol advertising (analysis of survey data)
  •  Evaluation of an alcohol and drug programme in secondary schools (interviews, written questionnaires)
  •  Men and alcohol / drinking rituals, symbolism, games (evidence review, interviews, observation)
  •  Alcohol cultural practices among Niuean men in Auckland (evidence review, interviews)
  •  Smoking options in the workplace (interviews, written questionnaires)
  •  Standards for fire-safe cigarettes (evidence review)
  •  Potential impact of restaurant and bar smoking bans on overseas visitors (evidence review)