Listed below are research projects we have done on disability-related topics.

  • Analysis of the 2001 and 2006 NZ Disability Surveys including types and levels of disability, needs assessments, formal and informal supports, assistive equipment/technology, education, transport / travel, housing, employment, socio-economic issues, Mäori with disability (analyses of disability survey and census data)
  • Support needs of children with limb reductions (evidence review, analysis of health statistics, interviews)
  • Interventions for children with hearing and vision problems (evidence reviews, interviews)
  • Health of people with intellectual disability (evidence review, analysis of health statistics)
  • Profile of people using Ministry of Health funded disability supports (analysis of disability support services statistics)
  • How to categorise different types of disability (evidence review)
  • Developing disability research (evidence review, interviews)
  • Stocktake of New Zealand disability research (bibliography)
  • Evaluation of support needs assessment protocols (interviews, written questionnaires)
  • Arts access programmes for people with psychiatric disability (interviews, observation)