Health profiles

Health-profile and health-status research projects we have done include:

  • Health of New Zealanders (analysis of health survey data)
  • Health of New Zealand adolescents (evidence review, analysis of health statistics)

Adolescent health profile

  • Health of New Zealand children (evidence review, analysis of health statistics, analysis of disability survey data)
  • Health of people with intellectual disability (analysis of health statistics)

Health Profile Intellectual Disability

  • Health of New Zealand women (evidence review, analysis of health statistics)

Womens health centres

  • Health of people in rural and urban areas (evidence review, analysis of census and health statistics)
  • Health of people living in the Wellington region (evidence review, analysis of health statistics)
  • Health service use of people in Tauranga Hospital Board area (analysis of health and census statistics)
  • Patterns of smoking, drinking, exercise and Body Mass Index in New Zealand (analysis of health survey data)

Shaping Up

  • Cancer registrations in Taranaki (analysis of health statistics)